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2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog - SCCC & Day Students 
2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog - SCCC & Day Students

Department of History

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Department Head: Neulander
Professors: Grenier, Knapp, Neulander, Preston, Sinisi
Associate Professors: Aguirre, Boughan, Maddox, Mushal, Taylor, Wright
Assistant Professors: Giblin, Hagstrom, Knight

The Department of History endeavors to give students an acquaintance with, and an appreciation for, our historical heritage and seeks to enable them to see the relationship between causes and effects in the historical development of their own and other countries and of civilization at large. Furthermore, the study of history is intended to assist the student’s development of critical thinking, including the analysis and evaluation of historical evidence and the ability to integrate and interpret such data. History has proven to be a useful preparation for careers in the business, legal, ministerial, military, and other public service professions, as well as a preparation for continuing study in graduate history programs. The Department offers the student majoring in history ample freedom in the selection of upper-level courses within the department and, with 33 hours of general electives, among courses offered by other departments.

From within the department, students majoring in history are required to take the following courses: HIST 201 - Survey of American History I  or HIST 202 - Survey of American History II ; HIST 259 - Special Topics in European History Survey HIST 279 - Special Topics in Non-Western, Latin American History Survey ; HIST 203 - Introduction to the Discipline of History ; one course from Group I (300-level European); one course from Group II (300-level American); one course from Group III (300-level Non-Western or Latin American); and one course from Group IV (Military). Students will also have to take one of the following: capstone seminars: HIST 443 HIST 444 HIST 445 , or HIST 446  and an internship: HIST 498 . In addition, students are required to take two additional courses as history electives. Courses that meet group or history elective requirements must be 300 level or above.

Group I. European. HIST 321 - The Middle Ages HIST 322 - The Viking Age: c. AD 800-1200 HIST 323 - Ireland in the Medieval World: c. AD 400-1369 HIST 324 - The Era of the French Revolution and Napoleon HIST 325 - Europe, 1815-1914 HIST 326 - Europe Since 1914 HIST 327 - England to 1660 HIST 328 - Great Britain, 1660-Present HIST 329 - The Ancient Greeks HIST 330 - The Romans HIST 333 - Scotland Since 1707 HIST 334 - Crime and Punishment Through the Ages HIST 335 - Weimar and Nazi Germany HIST 336 - Modern France, 1848-2000 HIST 338 - Britain and World War I HIST 339 - Special Topics in European History HIST 340 - The Renaissance HIST 341 - The Reformation and Wars of Religion HIST 342 - Spain, 1000-1700 HIST 343 - War and Society in Early Modern Europe .

Group II. United States. HIST 300 - Colonial America HIST 301 - Revolutionary America HIST 303 - The Early Republic HIST 304 - The Civil War HIST 305 - The Gilded Age, 1865-1900 HIST 307 - U.S. History, 1900 to 1945 HIST 308 - U.S. History, Since 1945 HIST 309 - South Carolina History HIST 310 - African American History to 1865 HIST 311 - African American History since 1865 HIST 312 - The Modern Civil Rights Movement HIST 313 - A Cultural History of Modern America HIST 314 - History of the U.S./Mexico Borderlands HIST 315 - American Indian History: Pre-Contact to the Present HIST 316 - The Old South HIST 317 - The New South HIST 319 - American Labor History HIST 320 - Special Topics in American History .

Group III. Non-Western World. HIST 357 - The History of Premodern China HIST 358 - The History of Modern China HIST 359 - Silk Roads and Nomadic Empires HIST 360 - The History of Japan HIST 361 - Early Islamic History HIST 362 - Modern Middle East HIST 364 - The Arab-Israeli Conflict HIST 366 - Colonial Latin America HIST 367 - Military Coups and Dictatorships in Latin America HIST 368 - The History of Mexico .

Group IV. Military and Diplomatic. HIST 380 - World War I HIST 382 - History of Military Leadership HIST 383 - Patterns of War to 1763 HIST 384 - U.S. Military History HIST 385 - Greek and Roman Warfare HIST 386 - World War II in the Pacific HIST 387 - History of the Vietnam War HIST 388 - U.S. Foreign Relations since 1898 HIST 389 - The Global Cold War, 1917-1991 HIST 391 - (494) Special Topics in Military History HIST 393 - World War II in Europe and Africa  

All undergraduate courses taken at The Citadel with a subject prefix of HIST will count towards the major GPA.

From outside the department, students majoring in history are required to take up to nine hours of language instruction that may or may not build on high school study:

  • Students who wish to study the same language at The Citadel that they studied in high school will take a placement test in that language. There are three possible results of that test. If the student places into the elementary level of the language, he/she will be required to take 102, 201, and 202. If the student places into the intermediate level of the language, he/she will be required to take 201 & 202. The third class in the requirement may be an upper-level language class, or it may be a general elective. Students who place beyond the intermediate level will have satisfied the language requirement. They will simply take nine hours of general elective classes; these classes may be upper-level language classes.
  • Students who wish to study a different language than what they studied in high school will be required to take 101, 102, and 201.




      General EducationHistory

      HIST 490  - HIST 498 : These courses are intended to be offered on an occasional basis, according to student demand and staffing availability. In addition, those courses that suit a seminar or tutorial format will permit students to be exposed to modes of instruction and learning other than those emphasized in lecture-oriented classes.

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