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2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog - SCCC & Day Students 
2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog - SCCC & Day Students

Department of Biology

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Department Head: Zardus
Professors: Gramling, J. , Gustafson, Johnson, Nolan, Weinstein, Zardus
Associate Professors: Moran, Rocha, Zanin
Assistant Professors: Capers
Visiting Assistant Professors: Hernandez-Rubio
Senior Instructor: Gramling, A.

The Program of Study in the Biology Department offers courses that give students a better understanding of themselves, their relationship to the environment, and the diversity of life. Enrichment courses with prerequisites are offered in summer and evening programs for interested individuals.

Premedical-Predental Program

Students who are planning to enter medical school, dental school, veterinary school, or professional school in allied health programs should consider the B.S. Biology major. The flexibility of the major course of study permits the preprofessional students to tailor their plans of study to each area of specialty. The department coordinates a voluntary program where students may gain practical experience before graduation. The large number of electives available in the biology curriculum makes it possible for the student to develop the broad science-humanities background necessary in the medical or dental profession.

Research Opportunities

The Biology Department strongly urges majors to engage in research under the direction of a Citadel faculty member. The best way to learn science is to become actively involved in doing science and the Biology Department faculty offer majors many opportunities to become involved in their research programs. Majors can earn academic credit for research by enrolling in BIOL 320 - Intern Research  or in the undergraduate research series (BIOL 321 -BIOL 324 ). These courses can be used once as a biology elective and may be repeated one time as a general elective.





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