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2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog - SCCC & Day Students 
2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog - SCCC & Day Students

Public Policy Minor

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This minor is designed to intorduce students to the study of public policy. The minor has four principal objectives. First, the student is taught the theoretical underpinnings of public policy understood as man (and society) as a rational actor open to behavioral changes through the manipulation of incentives. The second component of the minor focuses on the policymaking process in the United States. Third, the student is encouraged to learn practical methods of policy evaluation through methodological coursework. Last, the student selects one of three subfields (American Domestic Policy, National and Foreign Security Policy, and Environmental and Health Policy) in which to concentrate.

Competencies, Knowledge, or Skills to be Achieved:

Students completing the minor will gain insight into the factors that motivate change in individuals and society. He or she will understand the political processes that shape the formation of public policy from the academic or think tank setting to eventual implementation by the government. The student will be exposed to certain methodological strategies to gather information for better policy execution and policy evaluation. Furthermore, the student will have competence in one particular area of policy studies.

Structure of the Minor:

The minor consists of five courses (15 credit hours total). Two of these courses are required. The remaining three courses must be selected from on of the three subfield categories. Students do not have to complete the required courses first, though they are advised to do so.

Please not the the Citadel policy requires that at least 12 credit hours in a minor must be beyond the core cirriculum and course specified for major or other minor requirements.

Required Courses: 6 Hours

(Must take two of the following courses)


Choose three of the following three tracks: American Domestic Policy, Foreign and National Security Policy, and Environmental and Health Policy

Foreign and National Security Policy

Environmental and Health Policy

General Policy (9 Hours)

Take one course from each of the three possible areas of concentration outlined above.


For further information, please contact the Department of Political Science

*A relevant Internship or Special Topics course may, with the prior approval of the Public Policy Program Director, be applied toward fulfillment of the requirements for the minor.

** Prerequisite: BIOL 101 - General Biology I 

***Prerequisite: BIOL 102 - General Biology II /BIOL 112 - General Biology II Laboratory  or BIOL 209 - Environmental Science  or BIOL 140 - Introduction to Biology II /BIOL 141 - Introduction to Biology II Laboratory 

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